Athletic, Cultural and Social

Athletic Activities

Get in on the fun !

The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies offers several options for those students who wish to stay active and practice a sport while they are here. Every week, our Sports Staff organizes outings to practice several sports and organize games for Mexican and international students.

This is an excellent way to practice the Spanish you have learned in your classes, while making new friends and being part of a team. Some of the sports offered are: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Football, Track, and Self Defense.

Cultural Activities

Also offered are several workshops and classes such as: cooking, yoga, salsa, Latin jazz, capoeira, hula, and contemporary dance.

Social Activities

There are several social activities offered during different times of the year. Also, every week, there is a Café Social in which students meet at a different restaurant each week to relax, eat, make friends, and practice their Spanish in an out of school environment. The only cost for this activity is transportation to the restaurant and your own check.

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